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San Bernardino's own Main Street Band!
Lorraine Kardos, Conductor
Gary Toms, Associate Conductor
Dave Anderson, Associate Conductor

Lorraine Kardos is the Main Street Music and Artistic Director.  Mrs. Kardos is an active and respected music educator in the local area.  She is often found conducting the band.  She frequently sits in with the ensemble on various instruments, giving her associate conductors an opportunity at the baton.

Gary Toms is a recently-retired local music educator.  He plays trumpet in the ensemble when he is not behind the conductor's baton. Mr. Toms often volunteers with local high school music students in addition to playing in several community music ensembles.  

Dave Anderson is a retired music educator, and one of Lorraine Kardos' mentors.  Today, he can most often be found in the clarinet section.  When he ascends the podium to take the baton, you'll  no doubt experience a powerful performance.  

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